About the Team

Associate Professor Sian Halcrow


Sian studies infant and child health to gain unique insights into how past peoples weathered large-scale socioeconomic transitions.

Dr Stacey Ward


Stacey combines evidence of stress in the skeleton with mortuary and spatial analyses to discover how ancient peoples coped with social change.

Dr Charlotte King


Charlotte uses isotopic techniques to investigate the intensification of agriculture and how people moved around the landscape in prehistory.

Anna-Claire Barker


Anna-Claire Barker is a bioarchaeologist specialising in the bioarchaeology of early childhood and maternal health. She is currently investigating theoretical frameworks for the analysis of social inequality.

Professor Rasmi Shoocongdej


Rasmi is an archaeologist specialising in the Late Pleistocene period of Thailand. She is passionate about community engagement in archaeology.

Dr Naruphol Wangthongchaicharoen


Naruphol is a bioarchaeologist who specialises in the study of paleodemography and paleopathology, including oral health, metabolic disease and skeletal trauma.

Dr Justyna Miszkiewicz


Justyna is a skeletal biologist who uses the histological analysis of ancient bone to explore questions of human health and adaptation.